Level HP Ranged Opportunity Barrage
1 6 4 Yes Yes
2 7 4 Yes Yes
3 8 4 Yes Yes
4 8 6 Yes Yes
5 9 6 Yes Yes
6 9 8 Yes Yes
7 10 8 Yes Yes
8 11 8 Yes Yes

Damage Types

Ranged Attack: Deals physical damage from the back row. This attack has 25% chance of being blocked if the target have Armor. This damage type will prioritize a enemy in this monster's diagonal. If there is no enemy on this monster's diagonal, then it will attack the one it's facing. If this condition isn't met, it will instead attack a enemy in the front row.

Card Skills

Opportunity: When an enemy does a Melee Attack from the back row, attack it with a Ranged Attack. Will trigger after all other enemy skills and only if the monster with this skill is still on the back row and wasn't destroyed.

Barrage: Attacking with Ranged Attack from the back row will target all back row enemies, ignoring Taunt and Stealth.


  • This is a stronger, more expensive (crystal cost wise) version of Butterball.
  • Three-Headed Butterball and Lava Giant are the only cards that gains +2 on a Damage Type when upgraded.
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