The Packs button can be acessed through its' respective button on the bottom right of the main screen. While in the "Packs" tab, you can see all of your gained packs, and while in the "Materials" tab, you can sell all of your materials.

Cards can be divided in three groups:

  • Monster Cards have Life and use its skills and attack every end of turn, if able.
  • Equipment Cards are used on Monster Cards to strengthen them, giving additional skills.
  • Flash Cards are used instantaneously and do not stay on the battlefield.


Each card is associated with a faction and you can only equip cards on monsters that match the same faction. Some equipment cards are present on more than one faction, but monster cards from common to legendary rarity are present in only one of them. Elite monsters can have 2 factions, but they will have only one when summoned and gain an additional skill based on the chosen option. Every faction have its own color:

  • Neutral Banner.
  • Chaos Banner.
  • Nature Banner.
  • Balance Banner.
  • Fortune Banner.
  • War Banner.

The Neutral Faction contains every Flash Card and almost every Equipment Card, but no Monster Cards. Equipment from this faction will normally have a higher crystal cost than other factions, but they can be equipped on any monster.

Packs Types

Each Pack contain 5 cards, while some of them can guarantee to have at least one card of a certain rarity, described on the deck itself. Packs can be bought at the Shop and won at Events or Quests and up to 10 packs can be simultaneously opened by tapping and holding them. Some packs also guarantees a Legendary or Elite card after a certain number of them are opened without winning a card of that rarity, having a description below them. If you win a card of the specified rarity with this method or before the counter reaches 0, the counter resets.

  • Basic Pack.
  • Blue Pack.
  • Yellow Pack.
  • Red Pack.
  • Elite Pack.
  • Elite Pack. (Chaos Variation)
  • Elite Pack. (Fortune Variation)
  • Elite Pack. (War Variation)
  • Royale Pack.
  • New Releases Pack.
  • Awake Pack.
  • Basic Pack - Can have any card in the game.
  • Blue Pack - Can have any card in the game.
  • Yellow Pack - In most cases, guarantees at least one rare card.
  • Red Pack - In most cases, guarantees at least one epic card.
  • Elite Pack - Small chance of getting an elite card. In the Five Color Reinforcment event, you can buy special Elite Packs for 300 Gems that only have cards from a determined faction and Dual-color Elites that also have that faction.
  • Royale Pack - Chance of getting Royale Exclusive cards.
  • New Releases Pack - High chance of getting new cards. Small chance of getting an elite card.
  • Awake Pack - Only avaliable to buy on Card Awaken events. Small chance of getting determined elite cards.
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