Legion Towershield is an Epic, Armor Equipment Card.

Legion Towershield
Level Armor Inspire Melee
1 3 1 No
2 4 1 No
3 5 1 No
4 6 1 No
5 6 1 1

Armor: Physical and true damage will damage Armor first. When an attack would make Armor reach 0 or less, all exceeding damage is absorbed.

Inspire: At the beginning of your turn, all allies become immune to Fear and have their Melee Attack increased by X until the end of the opponent's turn. Only the strongest Inspire applies.

Melee Attack: Deals physical damage to the enemy its facing from the front row. Does not ignore Armor.

Crystal Cost

Faction Neutral Banner Chaos Banner Nature Banner Balance Banner Fortune Banner War Banner
Cost 4 3 3 --- --- 3

The symbol "---" represents that the faction does not have this card.


  • This card looks like the shield of Spell Breaker in it's first skin.
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