In this article, you will learn how a Card Monster match works and how to play the game.

The Deck

Player's First Turn

A player's Deck in-game on their first turn.

The player's Deck has 16 cards and is divided in two categories: Monster Cards and Item Cards, in which both have 8 cards.

To learn more abouth the game's Cards, go here .


At the start of a player's turn, they will gain 3 Crystals, which are used to play the game's cards. Summoning Monsters Cards on the battlefield, equipping Equipment Cards and using Flash Cards cost Crystals. This Crystal Cost varies for each card and is displayed on the top right of them. When a monster is destroyed after being summoned, their owner gain 1 Crystal.
Sacrifice Button

Sacrifice Button.

The player also have the option to Sacrifice one card per turn. Sacrificing Item Cards generates one Crystal, while sacrificing Monster Cards generate two Crsytals. Note that sacrifcing Monsters will count towards the number of your destroyed Monster Cards.

The Battlefield

  • Grassland Battlefield.
  • Cave Battlefield.
  • Table Battlefield.
  • Ruins Battlefield.

Card Monster's Battlefield is composed by two rows:

  • In the Front Row (Position 1), only Monster Cards with Melee DamageMagic Damage or Random Damage can attack.
  • In the Back Row (Positions 2 and 3), only Monster Cards with Ranged Damage, Magic Damage or Random Damage can attack.

The different types of Battlefields don't have any special effects in-game and are only aesthetic.

Players' Turns

End Turn Button

End Turn Button.

Each player starts their turn by gaining 3 Crystals. Then, they have a set amount of time, starting around 50 seconds, to do all their actions. These can be:
  • Sacrificng a card
  • Summoning Monster Cards
  • Equipping Equipment Cards
  • Using Flash Cards

After doing their actions, players can tap the "End Turn" button to end their turn before the time runs out. If the time counter reaches 0, the turn will end automatically. If a player takes too much time to end their turn, their next turn will be around 3~5 seconds shorter. These "time penalties" will stack until the time counter starts around 10 seconds. At the end of a player's turn, the Attack Phase will take place, causing all Monsters on that player's turn to attack, if able.

Winning a Match

A player can win a match by:

  • Destroying each of the opponent's 8 Monster Cards;
  • Opponent surrendering;
  • Opponent doesn't play any card for 3 consecutive turns.
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