Flash Cards can be used from your Item Deck directly, resolving its effects right after. They are all from Neutral Faction and, unlike Equipment Cards, they have a yelloiwsh/beige background.

Common Cards

Flash Card Name Flash Card Type
Healing Vial (Common Varaition) Healing
Jack in a box Damaging
Magic Blast Damaging
Potion Healing
Throwing Knife Damaging

Rare Cards

Flash Card Name Flash Card Type
A Basket of Food Healing
Antidote Healing
Bomb Damaging
Blasting Bomb Damaging
Boomerang Damaging
Dangerous Potion Damaging
Demon Fang Damaging
Dragon's Blood Healing
Flame Elixir Damaging
Healing Elixir Healing
Magic Detonate Damaging
Matches Damaging
Poison Vial Damaging
Potent Herb Healing
Recruitment Order Special
Shuriken (Rare Variation) Damaging
Soothing Music Healing
Splatered Acid Damaging

Epic Cards

Flash Card Name Flash Card Type
Adventurer's Elixir Healing
Brittle Ointment Special
Catalysis Needle Damaging
Cerimonial Knife Damaging
City Authorized Bomb Damaging
Corrosive Sand Vial Special
Dragon's Bone Damaging
Elixir Healing
Erosion Sand Special
Fairy Powder Healing
Healing Vial (Epic Varaition) Healing
Magnet Special
Monkey Bomb Damaging
Nobody's Elixir Healing
Phoenix's Bottle Healing
Poison Dagger Damaging
Poison Darts Damaging
Rejuvenanting Sound Healing
Shadow Potion Damaging
Smoke Bomb Special
Vial of Poison Damaging

Legendary Cards

Flash Card Name Flash Card Type
Dragon's Tear Special
Element Necklace Damaging
God's Judgement Special
Lightning Rift Damaging
Magic Bomb Damaging
Poison Fang Damaging
Poisoned Apple Special
Shuriken (Legendary Variation) Damaging
Sticky Potion Damaging
Wolf Bombs Damaging

Elite Cards

Flash Card Name Flash Card Type
Cursed Holy Grail Damaging
Holy Execution Special
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