Equipment Cards can be placed on a Monster Card that is on the battlefield to increase give or increase it's skills. They can be categorized in 2 groups:

  • Armor Equipment Cards are destroyed when the armor provided by the card reaches 0.
  • Non-Armor Equipment Cards don't provide any armor and are destroyed when the monster equiped with it is also destroyed.

There are also Sword Equipment Cards, which are the only ones equipped when a Swordmaster skill is activated.

Card avaliability means if it can be disenchanted and/or crafted and relates to how it can be obtained. All Common and Rare Equipment Cards have a regular avaliability and all Elite Equipment Cards have an Elite avaliability.

Common Cards

Equipment Name Equipment Type
Agile Guard Armor
Apron of Mt. Blacksmith Armor
Bandit Armor Armor
Beast Horn Non-Armor
Copper Shield Armor
Cross-shaped Spear Non-Armor
Defensive Stump Armor
Devout Crown Armor
Devout Robe Armor
Elven Bracers Armor
Flintflock Pistol Non-Armor
Gemstone Dagger Non-Armor
Green Shield Armor
Hatchet Non-Armor
Heavy Gloves Armor
Ice Branch Non-Armor
Infantry Helmet Armor
Medium Shield Armor
Mercury's Wings Non-Armor
Metal Cap Armor
Mirror Shield Armor
Musket Non-Armor
Oak Staff Non-Armor
Party Dress Armor
Plain Armor Armor
Princess Crown Non-Armor
Ranger Gloves Armor
Restaurant Weapon Non-Armor
Ring of Poison Non-Armor
Samurai Armor Armor
Samurai Helmet Armor
Shark Shield Armor
Short Bow Non-Armor
Short Sword Non-Armor
Sight Bracers Armor
Skull Wand Non-Armor
Spiked Greaves Armor
Thief Cloak Armor
Tunic Armor
War Greaves Non-Armor
White Gloves Armor

Rare Cards

Equipment Name Equipment Type
Balance Ring Non-Armor
Barbarian Armor Armor
Berserk Gloves Armor
Burning Armor Armor
Chain Mail Armor
Combat Staff Non-Armor
Commander Banner Non-Armor
Crystal Shoe

Non-Armor (Level 1-2)

Armor (Level 3+)

Darts Armor
Dragon's Badge Non-Armor
Ebony Staff Non-Armor
Falcon Crest Armor
Feather Cap Armor
Fighting Gloves Armor
Flying Stone Necklace Non-Armor
Fool's Headband Armor
Gladiator Helm Armor
Hammer Non-Armor
Heal Staff Non-Armor
Healing Flute Non-Armor
Hide n Seek Boots Non-Armor
Hunters Bow Non-Armor
Inferno Greaves Non-Armor
Knight Armor Armor
Lazurite Boots Armor
Leather Armor Armor
Long Spear Non-Armor
Long Sword Non-Armor
Lucky Shoes Non-Armor
Mage Cap Armor
Mage Cap (Heal Variation) Armor
Monk Armor Armor
Ninja Cloth Armor
Ninja Helmet Armor
Nullifier Non-Armor
Old Shield Armor
Pendant of Courage Non-Armor
Pirate Scimitar Non-Armor
Pistol Non-Armor
Plague Pendant Non-Armor
Poison Shot Non-Armor
Ranged Bracers Armor
Ring of Mages Non-Armor
Robot Rifle Non-Armor
Shield Armor
Sniper Rifle Non-Armor
Snow Boots Non-Armor
Spiked Armor Armor
Terror Mask Armor
Toxic Blade Non-Armor
Toy Mask Armor
Winter Boots Non-Armor
Wooden Bracers Armor

Epic Cards

Equipment Name Equipment Type Equipment Avaliability
300 Spells Non-Armor Exclusive
Ace of Diamonds Non-Armor Exclusive
Antennae Staff Non-Armor Regular
Battle Axe Non-Armor Regular
Battle Crown Armor Regular
Captain Shield Armor Regular
Commander's Sword Non-Armor Exclusive
Crossbow Non-Armor Regular
Crossbow (Disease Variation) Non-Armor Regular
Deteriorate Gloves Armor Regular
Disintegrate Staff Non-Armor Exclusive
Dragon Hammer Non-Armor Regular
Dragon Helmet Armor Regular
Elven Staff Non-Armor Regular
Feather Amulet Non-Armor Regular
Finger of Storm Armor Regular
Flail Non-Armor Regular
Forest Staff Non-Armor Exclusive
Fortune Deck Non-Armor Exclusive
Gladius Non-Armor Regular
Glorious Armor Armor Regular
Healing Armor Armor Regular
Heralds Bow Non-Armor Regular
Horn of Ages Non-Armor Regular
Kung Fu Gloves Non-Armor Exclusive
Legion Towershield Armor Regular
Lotus Non-Armor Exclusive
Magic Cube Non-Armor Exclusive
Medusa Shield Armor Regular
Mirror of Truth Non-Armor Regular
Money Bag Armor Regular
Poison Gloves Armor Regular
Prince's Sword Non-Armor Regular
Pumpkin Carriage Armor Regular
Ranger Bow Non-Armor Exclusive
Re-ignited Feather Non-Armor Exclusive
Ring of Protection Non-Armor Regular
Rock Armor Armor Regular
Samurai Blade Non-Armor Regular
Sea-horse Sceptre Non-Armor Regular
Shield & Spear Non-Armor Exclusive
Short Dagger Non-Armor Regular
Silver Spear Non-Armor Regular
Sleepy Pillow Armor Regular
Staff of Flight Non-Armor Regular
Stalagmite Gloves Non-Armor Regular
Stone Mask Armor Regular
Sword of Ages Non-Armor Exclusive
Twilight Non-Armor Regular
Viking Helmet Armor Regular

Legendary Cards

Equipment Name Equipment Type Equipment Avaliability
Anti-magic Barrier Non-Armor Regular
Armor of Darkness Armor Regular
Axe of Rage Non-Armor Regular
Battle-Axe Non-Armor Regular
Boomerang Shield Armor Regular
Captain's Hook Armor Regular
Commander Hat Armor Regular
Crystal Ball Armor Regular
Dark Knight Armour Armor Regular
Dragon's Fang Non-Armor Exclusive
Dragonfang Blades Non-Armor Regular
Eagle Blade Non-Armor Regular
Ebon Helm Armor Regular
Elven Short Bow Non-Armor Regular
Excalibur Non-Armor Regular
Golden Leaf Armor Regular
Helm of Sun Armor Regular
Knight Helmet Non-Armor Regular
Lava Staff Non-Armor Regular
Magic Gem Non-Armor Regular
Magic Rod Non-Armor Regular
Magic Suit Armor Regular
Molten Crossbow Non-Armor Regular
Noble's Gold Armor Armor Regular
Obsidian Spear Non-Armor Regular
Plague Armor Armor Regular
Poison Whip Non-Armor Regular
Ritual Spear Non-Armor Regular
Rose Rapier Non-Armor Regular
Shining Heart Non-Armor Regular
Sorcerer's Auto Sniper Rifle Non-Armor Regular
Spiked Barrier Armor Regular
Steel Armor Armor Regular
Stone City Armor Armor Regular
Strategy Book Non-Armor Regular
Thief Tools Non-Armor Regular
Thunder Claw Armor Regular
Trampling Boots Non-Armor Regular
True Princess Crown Non-Armor Regular
Undead Wine Non-Armor Regular
Xartas' Amulet Non-Armor Beta Exclusive

Elite Cards

Equipment Name Equipment Type
Bat Circlet Non-Armor
Blood Reaper Non-Armor
Cane of Flower Non-Armor
Codex of Light and Dark Non-Armor
Dagger for the Reckless Non-Armor
Demon Armor - Elite Armor
Earth's Might - Staff of Gaia Non-Armor
Eternal Harper Non-Armor
Flame Magic Sword Non-Armor
Sacred Weapon "Omniweapon" Non-Armor
Shining Trapezohedron Non-Armor
Ultimate Tankat Cannon Non-Armor
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